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Prince_Andrew_1080p_Video_Please_Upload_To_Your_YouTube_Socials+WhatsApp.mp4 PRINCE ANDREW IS A SWEATY NONCE

The new protest song from The Kunts, out this Friday 27-05-22.

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FAQs for flag-shagging nonce-apologists

Why on God’s earth would you do this at the time of Her Majesty’s Jubilee?
If you really don’t know the answer to that you’re on the the wrong website. Google Alfie Boe and Sarah Brightman.  

What sort of person would support this?
A certain sort of person. The sort of person who believes that people in positions of power should be held to account for their seedy crimes and shouldn’t be able to use their wealth, status and connections to pay for things to go away.

FAQs for a certain sort of person

Why Jubilee Number 2?
Because let’s face it, even if we did sell enough records they’d never let it be Number 1 anyway!

What can I do to support the cause ahead of release?
Tell your friends. If you can’t share on your socials, share with WhatsApp groups and contacts. Every single time you mention it  to someone else, it makes a difference.
2.  Join the mailing list above - we don’t pester you with a barrage of emails, it just means that you will find out key info that gets lost on social media due to algorithms.
3. Use  #PrinceAndrew and #Jubilee every time you Tweet - more people will see it.
4. Change your social media Avatar to show your support - it really helps spread awareness. The more people do it, the more people see it.

When do sales open?
0.01 on Friday May 27. They close on 23.59 Thursday June 2.

What’s your strategy?
There are 10 different versions of Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce available for download at 59p each (the cheapest retail price for a single track). If you download all 10 versions, they are added together to count as 10 sales for the main chart, making your vote 10x more powerful, all for the price of a City Centre pint (or 2 pints in Spoons).

On 26 May we will publish links for 24/7 streaming playlists that you can leave running on spare devices all week. On a premium streaming account 100 streams = 1 sale (600 streams on a free account). There are limits on how many streams count towards the main chart but streaming 24/7 adds millions of streams to the main platforms and makes the song more visible to casual browsers.


How can I be most effective come 27 May?
The most effective way to make yourself count is to:
1. Download all the versions on as many platforms as you are able to. Links to follow.
2. Also to stream our carefully curated playlists on a premium streaming account. Links to follow.
3. Also to keep sharing, commenting and spreading the word before and throughout the week of release while using #PrinceAndrew and #Jubilee. Go on Jubilee groups and message boards and share the video.
We realise times are hard and not everyone will be able to afford to do everything so anything you can manage is greatly appreciated and will make a difference.

The powers that be deleted our YouTube channel on 19-05-22 (as they did in 2011)!

Please help us by as many of you as possible uploading the video to your Youtube channel.

Title it:
Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce FOR JUBILEE No. 2

27/05/22 - 02/06/22
Thank you!

Right click the cover and ‘Save Link As’ to save the video.

The grand old Duke of York
He said he didn't sweat
So why did he pay 12 million quid
To a girl he'd never met?



Pizza Express in Woking?
Mate, you’ve gotta be joking!
Sunday May 29th Midday
Don’t let the establishment sweep it under the carpet!


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